St. Matthew’s Fair

The fiera di San Matteo (St. Matthew’s Fair), held in September, derives from an important period in the agricultural calendar, the time when the herds and flocks come down from the Alpine pastures to the lowland stables and pastures, thereby signalling the end of the summer.
Historical documents from the Serene Republic of Venice testify that goods were traded at the Fiera di San Matteo for hundreds of gold ducats: the shepherds and mountain herdsmen used to sell their products and at the same time bought their essentials. The fair was also a moment for celebration and for bringing the community together: the families of the outlying districts came down into the centre of town and met together, exchanging their news following the long and arduous summer days spent in the Alpine pastures.
This ancient tradition is re-enacted today, at this annual event along the streets and in the piazzas of Asiago, with market stalls and food stands that sell the very best made in Italy products.

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